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Professional R&D manufacture of electrostatic spraying equipment

HONGDA SPRAYING ELECTROMECHANICAL specialized in manufacturing electrostatic spray guns. such as  electrostatic spray gun, liquid electrostatic spray gun ,automatic electrostatic spray gun, manual electrostatic spraygun, electrostatic spray coating machine.We are the leader of electrostatic  spray guns with High quality & good service.

HDA offers innovative, environmental friendly, state-of- art Air Compressor, Painting Equipment, Painting System and Air Filtration Products. Through our advanced products with exceptional services, we seek not only to be the best of the industry, but also to maintain our ongoing contribution to society as a whole.

HONGDA SPRAYING ELECTROMECHANICAL CO.,LTD concentrates on introducing ever more advanced high-quality, new- technology products and services to meet the demands. Our goal is to assist in raising industries  production standards which will lead to a better society and environment. Our aims are to provide the products and services required by all industrial sectors for all regions in the country, including automotive and auto parts, motorcycles, plastics, lumber, food, drugs, and healthcare.


18 years focused on electrostatic spraying guns

Hongda HDA has mature and perfect electrostatic spraying gun technology and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system. It provides technical support on the online and offline ,  The company has a spray room for customers to provide a professional test site with professional electrostatic painting experiment, process data collection and other functions. At the same time, We has  professional sales team and Hhighly qualified R&D engineering ; HONGDA Provide strong guarantee and service.

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